First Day in Bangalore

Let’s see what happen with me .

Bangalore . . . It’s have all season rain little snow sun hot cold… so This city is call GARDEN CITY The most beautiful city in india  The Auto-Ricksaw Told me this. . . 

He said that he can spoke up to 5 language incluing english and local …But… He can understand 12 language japanese Korea and other…


Ricksaw is like thailand tuk tuk but it has meter… but that meter is never be used by the driver.


our breakefast is a indian omlette with Tea  milk orange juice bread and some fruit…


I thing everthing is good indian is not bad like others think


They have a lot of service mind more than THAI People


 This guy is cooking for me inthe

Phone booth

 Me with tuk tuk



 auto-ricksaw driver



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